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product design: health problems


Case study: Developing tech that encourages people to make confident decisions about their health and healthcare services.
product design: idea to launch


Bridging gaps is a core value of mine. I was inspired to build TAAPI by another therapist directory that also bridges gaps. I started building the site during my Full-Stack bootcamp in 2018. Since then I formed a team of doers to launch the directory in January 2019. My role is founder and product designer so I saw the project from idea to launch.

My compentencies:
  • user research
  • task analysis
  • information architecture
  • visual design and hierarchy
  • design thinking
  • reactjs
  • PHP
  • headless WordPress
We are currently in the membership building phase. Click below to see the results.
ux design case study


Homebody is a concept app I created to level up my ux design skills. I started working on it in Spring 2017 and the version you're seeing today is V3.

What I found most magical about this last and final iteration is how it transformed over time. It started with a spark of passion for home decor and HGTV shows, to super clunky, non-sensical wireframes, and eventually elaborate spread of structure, visual hierarchy, and thoughtful screens.

In this case study I walk you through preliminary research, critical thinking, design decisions, prototyping, testing, and criticisms of my work.
visual design case study

smoothie king

No offense to this super star franchise but their app leaves too much to be desired. I love their healthy products and only want the best for them so I approached this project with lots of love.

The app needs more value.

Currently, the app takes up precious space on one's phone because it only serves as a point tracking system. If the app's primary purpose is to display points earned and promos then the whole app could be simplified into 2-3 screens or features. Therefore, I focused on narrowing down and redesiging those few screens.

Take a look at my Medium story to learn more.
design practice

UI Design

Practicing design thinking and strengthening my design eye is important to me. In my spare time I either volunteer on projects or simply take an interest in improving design elements.

Take a peak at what I've been working on lately.
about me

fun loving designer
holistic psychologist
believer in whimsy

In 2017, I decided it was time to integrate my creative needs into my psychology career. Desperately in search of feeling fulfilled, I discovered (through a therapy client) user research and its connection to the psychology field. Without hesitation I began reading UX literature, taking design classes, and seeking mentorship.
I want to make "things" beautiful, functional, and enjoyable for diverse groups of people
Once I felt somewhat established in understanding UX | UI I re-established something I had lost a long time ago, coding! My love for tech faded during my late teens for many reasons. There's the classic story of discouraging narrative like "I'm not good at math" and naiveté. I also felt immense pressure to choose a career that was guaranteed. I'm the child of immigrant parents who only wanted the very best for me. I knew I had to work hard and not take their sacrifices for granted. Regardless, I found my way back and into a Full-Stack Dev course in Spring 2018 (see my resume).
Now that I've arrived where I want to be, I can look back with no regrets.
My "tool belt" feels full. I have a slew of psychology related skills (e.g. empathy, Mindfulness, Socratic methods), design thinking (e.g. visual hierarchy, wireframes, research), and a blossoming array of coding knowledge (e.g. HTML, CSS, React).
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I'm a modern day crazy cat lady with no cats...
When I'm not building an empire, I am either eating any and everything in my path, traveling to amazing spaces (e.g. Asia and Caribbean), or fantasizing about all the adorable cats I will adopt someday.
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